Common Forklift Injuries and How to Prevent Them

forklift basketForklift related accidents are so common in construction due to a variety of factors. When lifting heavy materials, as well as people, construction companies are at extremely high risk of accidents if they are not careful to make sure that their forklifts are up to code. Here are some common factors that come into play during an accident:

    • Improper training: All construction workers are required to be trained under OSHA guidelines and should be briefed on all of the risks that come with the job. However, in many cases, operators may not have been trained thoroughly, or at all, on the specific equipment they are using. Not all equipment is created equal, making it easy to make potentially fatal mistakes.
    • Human error: Perhaps the operator has been well trained and still got into an accident. The nature of the incident could be attributed to production factors. Becoming too confident in operational abilities could cause unnecessary speeding of the construction process, which can lead to accident or injury. High stress can also cause human error. If a worker is under considerable stress, is sick, or has recently taken medication, they should not be trusted to operate heavy machinery.
    • Lack of proper equipment or attachments: Forklift baskets, rollover protection systems, and properly equipped tractor cab enclosures are all important for the safety of the construction workers. Forklift baskets hold workers many feet in the air, so safety cages prevent them from falling if they happen to slip. ROPS are necessary to make sure that the entire tractor structure doesn’t tip over when going across uneven terrain, and having a properly arranged cab enclosure allows operators to make necessary adjustments to the vehicle’s operation.
    • Poor maintenance: If a piece of equipment is old or dilapidated, it is likely to be defective in the type of work it is scheduled to perform. Regardless of the workers’ skills or the original design of the equipment, equipment quality and maintenance is important.

With 7.8 million construction workers in the U.S., it’s necessary to ensure their safety while also maintaining excellent degrees of operation during the building process. CRA produces quality custom forklift baskets, tractor cabs, ROPS, and more construction equipment. Upgrade your equipment today to prevent injury.